Employee campaigns

Without a doubt, workplace campaigns are the most high-profile United Way fundraising activity, representing a significant portion of the funds we gather to invest in changing community conditions for the better. Running a campaign where you work is a great way to get involved with the United Way. Workplace campaigns are about far more than just collecting funds. They also bring much needed awareness to the local workplace and are a great way to foster team-building while helping your employees give back to the community. The materials located in this Toolkit (click on the links below) are designed to get you started and provide everything you need to run a successful and fun campaign.


Campaign Brochure-Lee

Campaign Brochure-Hendry and Glades

Campaign Brochure-Okeechobee




United Way 211 Poster


Campaign poster


United Way 211 Poster Spanish


Scanlon car flyer 2019-20