Holiday Volunteering-Lee County

Holiday Meals of Hope 2

The holidays are one of the most popular times of the year to volunteer. Local agencies will often receive so many calls they are unable to accommodate all
the volunteers. In addition to the traditional forms of volunteer that fill up quickly, consider alternative ways you can make a difference this holiday season.

* Partner Agencies

*The Salvation Army
It’s easy to schedule time to ring the bell this year. Just go to, enter you city or zip code and you’re half way there. Find your location and time/date and you can schedule direct. Questions? Call 239-278-1551 Kettle Department. posted 9/11/18

Oma’s Heart, Inc.- Christmas Special Event
At Oma’s Heart, volunteers gather each year to provide Christmas gifts for children, but equally as important, they spend time with each and every family that comes to Oma’s Heart to encourage them and pray with them as they navigate through a tough time. Join them this December 8th at the Christmas Toy Store. This is a one day event, and a 4 hour training session is required. Children 14-17 may volunteer with a parent chaperone. Court ordered service is accepted. Contact Audrey McFalls (239) 989-6718 updated 8/16/18

*Meals of Hope-Holidays without Hunger
Registration will open in October 2018     posted 9/11/18

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