United Way’s Days of Caring is a year-round program that connects businesses or groups, organizations and clubs with nonprofit agencies in need of assistance. Businesses and groups who have participated in United Way Volunteer Center projects report they feel more connected to their community and their group members while working to help people in need. It is one of the best ways for individuals to make an impact in their community.

Businesses and groups have many choices as they select projects needed by the agencies, including the type of project, location in our community, degree of physical labor, and full-day or half-day time commitment.

The United Way Volunteer Center works to match preferences with the needs of the community.

Benefits of Days of Caring

  • Projects offer volunteers a first-hand opportunity to learn about human service needs in our community.
  • On-site projects show volunteers the broad reach of United Way in the community.
  • Creative projects often generate media coverage for the business and groups as well as the agency.
  • Volunteer work gives businesses, employees and community groups an opportunity to make an impact.

Examples of projects

  • Plant shrubs or flowers.
  • Interact with individuals in need.
  • Organize a food pantry.
  • Paint a building, inside or outside.
  • Help prepare and/or serve meals.
  • Tutor, mentor.

How it works

Business group team leaders can contacts Kim Berghs at the United Way Volunteer Center (239-433-7547). Kim Berghs will meet with your Team Leader to plan and coordinate your organization’s Day of Caring.

United Way Volunteer Center staff will act as an ongoing resource to the volunteer group and agency throughout the project.

Cost of supplies and materials may be underwritten by the group, provided by the agency or shared between the group and agency. Groups may be asked to supply personal tools, ladders, etc. required for particular projects.


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