Please join Grandezza’s proud tradition of making your local community a better place to live.  This year will mark Grandezza’s 10th ANNIVERSARY CAMPAIGN.  Through the generosity of many contributors our community United Way Campaign raised nearly $600,000 over those 10 years.  The caring spirit of our Grandezza residents has made a significant difference to hundreds of thousands of people who have been helped.  The 2018-2019 Grandezza United Way campaign is underway, and we are hopeful you will make a gift.

Knowing more about the real people being helped by our Partner Agencies may help you visualize the good that your gift does.  Here is one of the  “Faces of United Way” about a caregiver, who is being supported by United Way Partner Agencies Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer’s Resource Center and Friendship Centers:


Your gift to United Way makes a big difference in the lives of real people that live right here in Southwest Florida. If you can give a little or a lot, this is your opportunity to make an impact.  Every donation – large or small – takes us one step closer to our goal of being a community that is ready and able to meet the needs of our neighbors.  Please consider making your gift today.

With gratitude,

2018-2019 Grandezza United Way Campaign Committee

Committee Co-Chairs
Arlene & Jim Alderfer
Pat & Neal Van Duyn

Leadership Chair
Patricia & William Motzer

Campaign Committee
Diana & Peter Dersley
Mo & Joe Kennedy
Sue & Don Koser
Paula & Dennis Noice
Lynn & Dennis Yon

                                                   United Way tax exempt # 59-1005169