Staff directory

Cliff SmithPresident(239) 433-2000 ext.
Jeannine JoyVice President, Resource Development & Marketing(239) 433-2000 ext.
Diane ConnellDonor Recognition Manager(239) 433-2000 ext.
Jennylyn MitchellDirector of Employee Campaigns(239) 433-2000 ext.
Megan FasigCampaign Manager(239) 433-2000 ext.
Louise HawthorneMarketing and Communications Manager(239) 433-2000 ext.
Kim BerghsUnited Way Volunteer Center Manager(239) 433-2000 ext.
Patrice CunninghamSpecial Project Manager(239) 433-2000 ext.
Nancy CokerCommunity Relations/ ReadingPals Coordinator(239) 433-2000 ext.
Hannah PelleDirector of Allocations & Community Planning(239) 433-2000 ext.
Sandy SmithCommunity Development Manager(239) 433-2000 ext.
Danyale KinneyAdministrative Support Manager(239) 433-2000 ext.
Lisa SandsHendry Glades Manager(239) 433-2000 ext.
Candie Bell RobertsDirector of Operations(239) 433-2000 ext.
Mike WillisDirector of Finance(239) 433-2000 ext.
Darren PhillipsCampaign Finance & Operations(239) 433-2000 ext.
Maria MartinezCampaign Finance & Operations(239) 433-2000 ext.
John JoyIT/Social Media(239) 433-2000 ext.
Linda HafnerDirector of United Way 211(239) 433-3900 ext.
Nilda RodriguezUnited Way 211 Database Manager(239) 433-3900 ext.
Keesha WickUnited Way 211 Operations Manager(239) 433-3900 ext.
Amy SingerCommunity Outreach & Resource Manager(239)
Madison MitchellCommunity Resource Manager(239) 433-2000 ext.